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If you're looking for the experts of brick masonry, look no further than New Village Masonry & Construction, LLC in Beaverton, OR. Our professionals are ready to serve you with masonry repair and installation, hardscaping, paving, retaining walls, and construction of patios, outdoor fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. When properly handled, the aesthetic elements of brick masonry are both strong and beautiful. We possess the aggregate skill and experience to produce such results, and are willing to help you in your masonry needs, whether they be restoration or new construction.

Over time, erosion takes its natural toll on stonework, and New Village Masonry & Construction, LLC is prepared to provide you with masonry restoration in these situations. When your brick structures are seeing the signs of their years, let us step in to give it an overhaul! Although we work on many different kinds of structures, some of our most common projects are fireplace and chimney repair, so if that's your area of concern, we have plenty of practice!

If you're not looking for restoration but completely new construction, we've still got you covered. We are your go-to hardscape contractor and would be pleased to construct your stone patio, retaining walls or pavement. Don't expect the results of any other paver contractor: we only provide the best.

With over 18 years of experience, New Village Masonry & Construction, LLC has knowledge and attention to detail needed to be your ideal masonry contractor. If these services are what you're looking for, please give us a call today!


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Brick Masonry


New Village Masonry & Construction, LLC offers professional brick masonry services for both installation and restoration. Damage to your chimney or fireplace isn't only a nuisance, it's a potential serious…

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Hardscaping and Paving


When you're looking to set up a brand new patio or pavement in your yard, New Village Masonry & Construction, LLC is at your service. We offer hardscaping in a…

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Retaining Walls


If you've got uneven or hilly terrain in your landscape and want to make something impressive of it, New Village Masonry & Construction, LLC is ready with all of your…

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Outdoor Fireplaces


No outdoor living area is complete without a hearth of its own, and New Village Masonry & Construction, LLC can provide you with one that's durable and elegant. We will…

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